Evaluating Divorce Case Requirements In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, divorce petitioners make decisions about ending their marriage. These decisions are based on the reason in which the marriage failed. The reason for the divorce could play a significant role in the process, especially if it reflects fault-based grounds. A local attorney provides assistance for petitioners who must use these grounds.

Identifying the Divorce Grounds

When choosing fault-based divorce grounds, the petitioner needs supporting evidence for their claim. Without evidence, their spouse would have to sign an affidavit in which they are accepting the blame for the allegation. For instance, if the grounds were adultery, the petitioner must secure evidence that shows that their spouse was unfaithful. The evidence must show that an extramarital relationship occurred and that it was consummated. Without evidence of sexual relations, the petitioner cannot use the divorce ground.

Reviewing Parenting Plans and Custody

Shared custody is an ideal parenting plan for couples in Oklahoma. It provides both parties with equal time with children and equal decision-making power. These arrangements may provide the parents with an alternating schedule where each party as the child for a full week at a time. However, the parents must live in the same area. In some cases, one parent may have the child during the school year while the other has them on weekends and throughout the summer.

Requirements for Property Division

Property division must be equal for both parties. Each party has access to properties that they owned prior to the marriage. However, they will need to choose different assets to give to their spouse to balance out the difference in value.

When Alimony is Assigned

Alimony is assigned when a spouse’s earning capacity is far lower than the other. Typically, unless the couple is wealthy, the assignment entitles a spouse to the payment of an educational program to increase their earning capacity.

In Oklahoma, divorce petitioners assess their options based on the grounds of their divorce. A fault-based divorce could entitle them to specific awards if a prenuptial agreement was created. The agreements could provide them with custody of their children or spousal support assignments. Petitioners who need legal assistance visit http://divorceattorneystulsa.net/ for more details today.