Why Not They Pay for It? The Fun of Using Crowd Funded Events To Save Time and Money

Crowd funding is a blast of a concept. It essentially solves every main problem in creating a big event- the fact that it takes time and money. Crowd funding has the capacity to allocate time and money to someone else entirely.

How Crowd Funding Solves Problems

It solves these problems by putting them on the attendees or supporters. Each supporter takes a small piece of the event by supporting it directly. So the event does not happen unless there are, say, 100 people willing to front some finances to make it happen.

This solves the money problem because it is paid for ahead of time. It solves the time problem by essentially confirming that at least 100 people will show up. They can support the event not just financially but by supplying a certain item (a desert, balloons, fundraising baskets, etc).

Crowd funding is capable of being the ultimate in solving problems. A lack of resources is accounted for. A lack of time in putting together everything is accounted for. Se7en Friday sees the possibilities in crowd funding the event.

Making the Event Matter

How should an event be run? Whether it is crowd funded or not, the event should be tied to the brand and to the larger goal at hand. If attendees somehow support the project directly, they essentially create that direction and larger goal. How could it fail? If the attendees are paying for that support, they are going to make it work by supporting what they care about. No one is giving money away to a cause they are indifferent to unless they have a deep ulterior motive. If that is the case, they probably aren’t that great to work with anyway.

The larger reality is that attendee direct support will enhance the project, make people care more, and build a connection with the corporate event being organized. Corporate organizers can find an event coordinating company that sees innovation and understands how to save time and money in a realistic way. The right company will see the reality of business resources and know how to alter it to make an event work.